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Pastel Tie-Dye Hoodie For The Summer
Pastel Tie-Dye Hoodie For The Summer
I'm so excited to officially announce something I have been working on for the past few weeks. Our pastel tie-dye themed drop; "Blueberry Plum Limited Edition Hoodie" for Murs & Co is here. We have been working on dropping this hoodie for the beginning of June in honor of PRIDE month, but then things took…
Murs & Co
BTS of Murs & Co Launch
Hi guys, I know it's been a while since I have been here. Forgive me it's been crazy a few months with the launch of my merch and school. I have been planning on writing this blog post literally for a month now just haven't had a time to put my thoughts together. Anyways…
Nordstrom Rack
Fall Transition Outfits under $150
In partnership with Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, & Stylinity Summer is slowly coming to an end and it's time to layer up for fall. I'm partnering again with Nordstrom Rack and Haute Look to help you guys with your outfit of the day for this fall. With their Universal Shared Shopping Cart and Free Shipping on orders over $100…
Coney Island
What To Wear On Vacation – Beach Edition
In partnership with Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, & Stylinity Vacation is the only time of the year we want to let things loose and just enjoy the moment. Unlike many other trips that we take in the year, this one is quite special. It is for us to recharge and get back to our daily routine. Which means whatever…
Firefly Music Festival Recap
Firefly Music Festival Recap
Ever wanted to go to Firefly Music Festival or planning on going next year, this is the post for you. I'm going to talk to you guys about my first impressions and what to expect from the festival as well as will give you some advice on lodging and parking. To be able to save…
Boohoo Man
What to wear to Pride this year
It's finally June which means it's time to celebrate the month of pride. Pride is all about expressing yourself and being proud of who you are. And what's a better way of expressing yourself than wearing something that truly shows your colors. On the other hand, I would say don't be so hard on yourself…
Nordstrom Rack
Summer Outfit Ideas under $100
In partnership with Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, & Stylinity Can't believe I'm saying this, but yeah Summer is finally here. Things are seriously heating up, NYC is getting super hot which means its time to head to the mall or just start shopping for the new season. I partnered with Nordstrom Rack & HauteLook to show you…
Men's clothing haul
Men’s Clothing Haul

So here are some of the items I picked up from Bloomingdales and Lululemon. They are mostly casual men's clothing from Fila, Adidas Originals, ATM, Lululemon men, but for sure you can pair them up with other stuff to wear on a daily basis. These are perfect items for spring since they are not super warm.

Sneaker Obsession
My sneaker obsession
I know what you going to say? Murs, you need help! I know I probably do. Over the years, I realized I have been buying more and more sneakers. I mean I always loved wearing them cuz they are just more comfortable than regular shoes. There was another aspect though which I was hiding from…