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What to wear to Pride this year

It’s finally June which means it’s time to celebrate the month of pride. Pride is all about expressing yourself and being proud of who you are. And what’s a better way of expressing yourself than wearing something that truly shows your colors. On the other hand, I would say don’t be so hard on yourself on this decide what you actually want to wear. You can be basic, you can be super extra. It’s totally up to you. Don’t let the people around you or what you see on your feed affect you. Remember this day is all about you.

I picked out a few outfit ideas for you guys from Boohooman. They are so cute and very affordable. After all, let’s be honest some of the outfits we wear for pride we only end up wearing once so no need to break the bank. So I chose a few tops, bottoms and most importantly cute accessories.

I think a few years back I wore a crop top to pride and it was actually sort of DIY, but this one is to die for cuz it’s so cute. I’m living for tie-dye right now. It’s so trendy now so I would tell you that and if you want to stick to that route and go with that, I would say do it cuz seriously it looks so cool. I also added a few clear bags because trust me you are going to want them cuz it will also match with you extra outfit or make your basic outfit pop! Check out the carousel below for all the links. Happy pride!

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