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Future of the Internet: 5G Revolution

Thank you to Verizon Wireless for sponsoring this post.

I’m so excited to partner with Verizon Wireless on this post to talk to you guys about the future of new technology. You guys know how tech-savvy I’m and how I always keep up with the latest news or updates on what’s going on. When Verizon asked me to partner with them to get the word out for their new 5G network, I was thrilled.

If you guys not familiar with 5G, listen up. It’s essentially the upgrade we have been waiting for our internet at home or even on mobile. We all know that feeling when you are watching a movie that you love and that “rainbow circle of death” or buffer icon pops up it literally just kills the mood. No one got time for that especially most of us who are working or studying most of the day so there is honestly no time in the day for us to wait for that buffering time .

Verizon 5G is changing the game. Now you can be more connected and watch whatever movie or tv show you want with no wait time. Ultra-fast speed internet will change your life. Imagine typing the address of a webpage on your browser without even waiting a second to load? That seems unreal doesn’t it? Head over to Verizon to learn more about their new 5G network and check the availability for your area!

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