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Firefly Music Festival Recap

Ever wanted to go to Firefly Music Festival or planning on going next year, this is the post for you. I’m going to talk to you guys about my first impressions and what to expect from the festival as well as will give you some advice on lodging and parking. To be able to save up to afford trips like this, one can earn a quick buck on sites like 겜블시티 가입코드.

First thing first is the tickets. I can’t say so much about the tickets as I was there with Bai but from what I gathered buying a weekend pass is certainly cheaper than buying daily passes. Unless you just want to go only one day then ignore this. However if you are coming from far place like me from New York City, I wouldn’t recommend coming just for a day as you will be exhausted. Try at least for two days.

Firefly Music Festival is just like Coachella, parking is pain in the butt. When you go to the area they have bunch of cops who are directing you around to the parking lot. There are multiple parking lots and they will place you in the next one depending on how full the last one was. If you are VIP, I think there is also another parking lot for that.

The problem is parking lot is very far from the festival itself. Therefore, you have to take a shuttle to get to your car or vice versa. On top of that, you need to pay $10 in cash for parking. What we did was slightly more expensive, but it was very convenient. Close to the festival are, there is this separate parking area charging $20 for a day. I personally found them very helpful and they accept Venmo, Paypal etc. so you are good if you don’t have cash. They also have bathrooms available.

In terms of lodging, we didn’t do camping as I thought it would be difficult. We chose an airbnb that was about 35 min away with car. It’s a very open road so there is not much traffic. It was pretty easy to drive back and forth. Only downside I would say is the town since it’s small if you got hungry late at night good luck finding any place thats open. Other than that it was pretty decent place and affordable. 

These were some of the tips that I thought you guys should know about the festival if you are planning to go next year. Also if you are curious to know what it is like to attend Firefly, you can watch my vlog below. 

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