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What To Wear On Vacation – Beach Edition

In partnership with Nordstrom RackHauteLook, & Stylinity

Vacation is the only time of the year we want to let things loose and just enjoy the moment. Unlike many other trips that we take in the year, this one is quite special. It is for us to recharge and get back to our daily routine. Which means whatever we choose to wear it has to be somewhat comfortable, yet still stylish because let’s be real vacation is all about pictures and pictures will mean nothing without your cute outfits.

For the first look, I paired a tank with some swim shorts and matched with low top sneakers. I wore long white socks but you can just wear short socks if you like it will still look good and probably better for temperature wise depending on where you will be. I love this look because these colorful shorts don’t necessarily scream swim shorts. You can literally just wear them like regular shorts. It’s super colorful which means it is to pair with a lot of solid colors. On top of that they are not too short or too loose so perfect length for the beach or just casual day taking a stroll around the neighborhood.

Second look, I paired a tie-dye tank with a tie-dye swim shorts. This is so far my favorite look because they just matched so well together, but you can certainly wear them separately. I’m in love with both of these items as tie-dye is so trendy nowadays so you can even wear them outside your vacation days. You will be the coolest person in the block!

One last thing you shouldn’t forget which most people do sometimes is the accessories. That’s super important. Especially when you are on your vacation, it is very likely that you will be exposed to sun and you need to protect your eyes. I matched this polaroid shades with the blue tie-dye swim shorts that I was wearing earlier. It looks super stylish, yet you still get the full protection for your eyes.

Check out the product carousel below to see all the items I’m wearing and hopefully you will find something you like to take it with you for your next vacation. Remember Nordstrom Rack and HauteLook have a universal shared shopping cart and they offer free Shipping over $100!

Photography by Dessie Kenna

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