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Things to do on a Staycation

Hotel Staycation

We all want to travel and explore new places to escape from our daily grind, but sometimes when we say escape we don’t necessarily mean traveling for a thousand miles, we simply mean staycation. Staycations are the best and the most affordable options of escaping from the reality!

There are so many pros of planning a staycation. First of all you don’t have to worry about flights and transportation since you will be already in the area that you live in. On top of that no need for making an agenda of what you are going to do or what places you could be exploring since you will most likely be just indoors. Only thing you need to worry about is the hotel.

Hotel is prominent for a staycation and if you can book a place that you would really enjoy, your staycation would be unforgettable. This would also be the time to splurge for a 5 star hotel or a resort hotel with some room service. Imagine sleeping in a comfortable bed and waking up to a breakfast thats prepared just for you. Heading downstairs for gym or a cold morning dip in the pool. Goals!

To keep it cost effective and interesting, staycations are just perfect for weekends. I wouldn’t recommend doing it for a longer period of time unless you are certain that you will have things to do or you won’t get bored of doing the same things. Have fun planning your next staycation!

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