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Things To Do In Nashville

I honestly never thought I would actually visit Nashville, but recently many cities just like Nashville such as Austin, Denver, and Charlotte are becoming popular destinations to visit and even move to from big cities. So let’s first start with where you could stay when you’re here. You’re in luck as I mentioned before since there is a ton of money coming into the city there are tons of new developments that include a lot of new hotels. Downtown Nashville is full of modern and new hotels and there are more opening up this summer and later this year. We decided to hotel hop so for our first 2 nights we stayed at JW Marriott and ended up our trip at W Nashville. Such a relaxing hotel to play games like 슬롯사이트.

I liked both of the hotels as they offer something different from one another. JW Mariott feels like a big complex and it has so much inside. A steakhouse, executive lounge, pool, coffee shop & bakery just to name a few. W Nashville on the other hand feels more young, trendy, and absolutely unique with its architecture.

In terms of food, you’re going to find so many options. We tried a bunch within the downtown area such as Assembly Food Hall. First of all, this area is also pretty lively. So much to do besides just eating places. There are casual eating options on the second floor and on the third floor there is a nice restaurant with a rooftop.

We also explored some other parts of Nashville such as the Parthenon and the historic Belle Meade mansion. They were both pretty cool, but I would say the Belle Meade mansion was definitely more interesting and had more to offer. We took an uber to get to these places so be mindful of how you are thinking of getting to places around Nashville. Uber is certainly sufficient if you’re staying just for a couple of days, but for anything more than that I would recommend renting a car. Public transportation didn’t seem like a feasible option.

I also made a YouTube video about our trip to Nashville so check that out below if you want to see more things to do in the Nashville area.

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