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Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just a week away, which means it’s time for trick or treating! Below I put together some ideas for you guys, so hopefully these will inspire you or perhaps give you some ideas on what you can dress up as for this halloween.  Remember Halloween is the day to enjoy yourself and be whoever you want. Doesn’t matter what you dress up as just be yourself!

Blood Overall

There is nothing wrong showing a little more effort and do some extreme bloody make up for halloween. It’s cool to be a little extra sometimes, people appreciate that.  Use your imagination, this could seriously boost up your Insta game in terms of selfies.

Harlequin Print Shirt

A lot of people pull this look every year and but gotta be honest it is going to be very difficult if you are not good at makeup. This is not as easy as bloody make up, it’s an artwork. So either find a make up artist friend or explore the other options below.

Rib Cage Cut-out

If you have been working out a lot at the gym recently and want to show off, this is the outfit to go. Some people might hate you for this, but let’s be real you deserved it! It’s super cheap and effortless. You could just pretty much pull this look the same day before you go out.

Suit & Tie

If you want to show more preppy look and want to spend a few more bucks, this halloween look is for you. You will look super handsome in it and don’t even need to worry about carrying a jacket or anything. Super easy, but a little pricey outfit idea!

Four Eyes Print T-Shirt

This is a super simple tee with a halloween inspired type and its in pink so you would 100% love it. People will get that I am cool, but don’t give a crap about anything #TooCoolForSchool.

I also linked a few more outfits down below, hopefully these will help you out. Happy Halloween!


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