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Rent in NYC
What Is It Like To Rent In NYC
So in this blog, we have talked quite a bit of everything when it comes to real estate, but I realized I have mostly touched based on the buying market. Although buying a property would be more worthwhile at the end of the day, the current market says otherwise. There is just so much demand…
should you buy a vacation home
Should You Buy A Vacation Home?
The point of this post is that when you live in an expensive place like New York it is very hard to buy a house and even if you try to buy you are not going to get a good and spacious place for under a million. So it is always better to rent in…
The Beach Body Grooming Guide For The Summer
The Beach Body Grooming Guide For The Summer
In partnership with Manscaped to review The Lawn Mower 4.0 & Ultra Smooth Package You know this was already coming as summer is around the corner or should I say it is almost here. Let's be honest yeah maybe we were not exactly paying attention to our bodies during lockdown and winter. Now that things are…
CBD Gummies
What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like Real Truth
Gummies are something that is so popular these days. Every single day, a wide variety of gummies, including thca gummies, are being produced for various purposes, and then there are CBD gummies. When I find out about them, I had to try out for myself. Penguin CBD reached out to me and I was thrilled…
5 Great Things You Need For Your Home
Since we are spending so much time at home, I thought I could make a post that will help you to elevate the look of your home. These little changes can make a huge difference in how you feel and how productive you can be for your WFH setting. Get Naked Bath Mat…