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Firefly Music Festival Recap
Firefly Music Festival Recap
Ever wanted to go to Firefly Music Festival or planning on going next year, this is the post for you. I'm going to talk to you guys about my first impressions and what to expect from the festival as well as will give you some advice on lodging and parking. First thing first is the…
Boohoo Man
What to wear to Pride this year
It's finally June which means it's time to celebrate the month of pride. Pride is all about expressing yourself and being proud of who you are. And what's a better way of expressing yourself than wearing something that truly shows your colors. On the other hand, I would say don't be so hard on yourself…
Verizon 5G
Future of the Internet: 5G Revolution
Thank you to Verizon Wireless for sponsoring this post. I’m so excited to partner with Verizon Wireless on this post to talk to you guys about the future of new technology. You guys know how tech-savvy I’m and how I always keep up with the latest news or updates on what’s going on. When Verizon asked…
How to stop procrastinating
How to Stop Procrastinating
Procrastination is the one of the things that we tend to do a lot especially when it comes to our studies and this includes me. I'm the biggest procrastinator lol There are so many reasons why we would procrastinate things and I know we would rather spend more time on finding those reasons instead of…
No More Dark Circles
No More Dark Circles
If you are a student like me or just been working your butt of and barely getting enough sleep, you know what dark circles are. In fact you don't just know, you are living with them every single day. You might be trying so many home remedies and no one of them seem to be…
NYC staycation
Things to do on a Staycation
We all want to travel and explore new places to escape from our daily grind, but sometimes when we say escape we don't necessarily mean traveling for a thousand miles, we simply mean staycation. Staycations are the best and the most affordable options of escaping from the reality! There are so many pros of planning…
Los Angeles
48 Hours in Los Angeles
This is my mini Los Angeles guide for people who are visiting La La Land for less than 48 hours. Honestly there were so many things that was on my list that I wanted to do, but I didn't get to do it. So I'm going include some of those as well at the end…
Fort Tilden Beach
Fort Tilden Photo Diary
If you guys looking for a quite beach in the city, Fort Tilden is the one. Unlike other beaches, it very quite and most importantly clean. There is so much you can explore here with cute food stands and live music. Not to mention so many opportunities for the gram. On top of that…
Investing in the future
Investing in the future
As a young adult it is hard for me to think about the future just like the rest of my generation. It's just for us future seems so far away, we don't want to think about it because quite frankly it is just scary. That question people ask all the time where will you be…
5 Tips to Achieve your goals
5 Tips To Achieve Your Goals
Sometimes we lost track of time and immediately start to panic. We are like "Oh my gosh" how did I forget this or "Damn" how come I didn't do this before. Don't beat yourself up everyone us have been there. The truth is that it happens even the best of us. Things get in the…

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