upcoming fashion


This has been an on going trend for women's fashion for a while and now it is finally making its way to men's fashion. Many designers are adding these into their latest summer 2022 collection.


I feel like these range of colors have always been fun and now that they are trending you can make a statement with them. They are bold, but still can be worn everyday depending on the place.


I always loved sandals, especially the slides. I'm personally not a big fan of flip-flops, but overall sandals especially with fun colors and patterns are making a comeback for summer 2022.


Not just iPhone, but also fashion is craving for some green. Especially pastel green is making a big splash among some famous brands like Fendi and Ermenegildo Zegna.

varsity jacket

I have to be honest, they might not be the most practical jackets, but they always make a statement whenever anyone wears them. They always seem to be on-trend so you should invest in one.


They make quite a bold statement, especially the pants, but this time they seem to be trending for summer. It again might not be super practical in the summer, but they certainly look good.

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