sag harbor

Things to do in

sag pizza

It's not like one of those pizza spots you just order and pick up which you can do also, but a great environment to sit down and enjoy the food. It doesn't hurt that you might run into celebrities during your meal.

sagtown coffee

To be honest almost everything in Sag Harbor has its own charm and this place isn't any different. It is super spacious with 2 levels of seating and a lot of options to choose from when it comes to beverages.

the dock house

This is one of those mom-and-pop shops that's still standing. It is right on the harbor and everything's fresh. It really just reminds me of what Sag Harbor was like before it became the new capital of the Hamptons.

Sag harbor cinema

This place truly has been through a lot with fire and now the pandemic, but it is officially re-opened. It's such a cute place with recent movies to enjoy and a rooftop terrace to hit up afterward.  

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