for dry lips

The best lip balms


This is one of my new favorite lip balms. It is super hydrating, especially for these colder spring times, and it lasts a lot longer, unlike many other brands that I have tried. 


This is lightly tinted lip balm and comes in many colors like fun one Gummy Bear, Berry and more. So this definitely offers more choices if that is what you are looking for and more popular. 

burt's bees

This is one of the heritage brands that is known for making products like these since they make them available almost everywhere, especially in drugstores. Very moisturizing, but not the best flavor.


They make many versions of these, but my personal favorite is the mint rush lip treatment. It feels so refreshing because of the mint flavor but needs to be applied many times as it doesn't last long.


They are literally known for making the most hydrating products with their petrolatum formula. This is the same formula they use for their flagship products plus some colors. 

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