alone time

how to embrace

pick up hobbies

Being alone doesn't have to be lonely. Time to yourself can be great for recharging, picking up new hobbies and taking things at your own pace. Here are some tips to get into your comfort zone.


Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves when life gets busy, Every once in a while it is time for a recharge. This means a facial, massage, or spa pass.

travel solo

Solo travels are the best because you can make any decision for your trip. You can stay in bed all day and order room service or go explore the town it's all up to you no compromises here. 


Journaling is so therapeutic. When you have some alone time you don't have to worry about your privacy so journal along whenever you need to especially the times when you feel alone.

go for a walk

I know you can't just go for a walk everywhere unless it is as walkable as NYC. However, parks are pretty much everywhere so walk around while listening to your favorite podcast or audiobook.

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