night time


Everyone should have good toothpaste in their nighttime routine. Depending on what your teeth and gum need this might vary, but I usually pick ones that are great for whitening and anti-cavity.


People have mixed feelings about mouthwashes and their purpose. Absolutely avoid the ones with alcohol in them as they are not good for oral health and use only a few times a week. 


A lot of people don't cleanse their faces every day and that's definitely a bad habit. A lightweight cleanser will do the job as long as you use it enough and make sure it covers your entire face.


I would be lying if I said this is something you absolutely need in your routine. However, if you want to delay those fine lines and wrinkles as much as possible you need to start using retinol every day.


This is an absolute necessity even if you don't have dry skin. Everyone needs a moisturizer and there are many out there for all kinds of skin types. So find the one that suits your skin and use it daily.

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