essentials for your

google home

Doesn't matter if you have smart lights or switches, Nest Mini is so essential. Whenever you're cooking with a recipe, checking the weather, or needing a timer, it will be your sidekick at home.

smart light

I know this is connected with Google Home, but you're gonna thank me later for these. They last longer and can be changed to any color. You can control them with your phone, Google Home, and even with an automation like IFTTT.

Floating shelf

I absolutely love these shelves for any home. They create this floating illusion while still offering a decent amount of storage. They make your home look so organized yet still homey.


Even if you don't love tea, you're going to need a kettle for your french press coffee or many other things I assure you. Plus, some of these new kettles can make a really cool kitchen decor. It brings the vibe.


These are my favorite items that not just make a great storage option in the kitchen, but also look great as decor depending on the type you choose. They come in glass, plastic, and ceramic.

bath set

Bathroom accessory sets will make almost any bathroom look more expensive yet still serve the purpose. Unlike regular branded soaps or toothbrushes standing by themselves, these make your bathroom look more elevated and clean.

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