best Closet

California closets

This is their Paxton closet system. It's more a traditional look, but the quality and customer service are amazing hence the price point is usually higher. I personally used this for years and had no problem.

container store

I absolutely love this store as it offers so many things to keep your home organized not just your closet. They have a variety of systems like Avera and depending on the size this will offer a more affordable option.


Ikea has many solutions as well when it comes to the closet systems and Algot is one of the least expensive and popular ones most people choose. It's super versatile as you can choose however you like to design. 

Home depot

Yes, they do make their own closet systems. Most people think they only sell the tools and supplies, but they actually have some decent options. I would just advise comparing the quotes before making the final purchase. 

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