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Staycation at Crowne Plaza Hudson Yards
Back again with another New York City staycation video and this time it is Crowne Plaza Hudson Yards 36. This is located very close to the most popping place in the city right now Hudson Yards. It's sandwiched between midtown and Hudson Yards so very convenient to walk around or just catch the subway when…
Rent in NYC
What Is It Like To Rent In NYC
So in this blog, we have talked quite a bit of everything when it comes to real estate, but I realized I have mostly touched based on the buying market. Although buying a property would be more worthwhile at the end of the day, the current market says otherwise. There is just so much demand…
Arthouse Hotel NYC
Staycation at Arthouse Hotel NYC
Recently, we stayed at Arthouse Hotel New York City in Upper West Side and I wanted to document it. This was in a partnership for my Instagram, but I did want to include it in the blog and my YouTube channel as I know from myself how important it is to see how the rooms…
Lockdown NYC
Lockdown in New York City
Here I'm writing this from my apartment that I haven't left in days in NYC still thinking this lockdown is all a dream and waiting for someone to pinch me to wake up from this. I know this has affected everyone, but living in a place like New York City this feels completely different. You…

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