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Hilton Culver City
Staying at Hilton Culver City
The second leg of my LA trip and we were staying at Hilton Culver City. This is an up-and-coming area and it really surprised me. There is definitely so much to do around from restaurants to shops and as well as gyms like Equinox.
Staying at Marriott Woodland Hills
It's been a minute since I visited LA so here's the first vlog from the first leg of the trip where we mostly stayed in the valley. So here are some places and things you might end up doing if you decide to stay in this area, especially at Marriott Woodland Hills.
Chino Hills
Chino Hills Photo Diary
I had the opportunity to collaborate for these cool series with Dark Knight Photos and I'm sharing the first part with you guys. We shot all these at one location in Chino Creek Wetlands & Educational Park. This place is amazing so much to photograph and so much is around to play with. Hope you…