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Pinknic Festival

pinknic festival pinknic festivalYou guys guessed it right I went to the most colorful festival of the summer. Now I’m going to show you guys the gallery of my time at Pinknic Festival and you can also watch my vlog below if you want to see more. It’s my first time there so I didn’t know what to expect. Let me tell you little bit about the festival so if you planning on going for next year you know what to expect.

Pinknic is a two-day rosé themed music festival. If you like to drink wine and listen to music, this is the place for you. Other things to check out is obviously the ferris wheel and many other attractions provided by the sponsors. For instance, this year love, beauty and the planet put together a charging station with bicycles and seesaws. People were charging their phones while riding a bike or playing seesaw. If you splurge for vip tickets, you can get unlimited rides to ferris wheel, take a dip in the pool, free swags and many more things. If you still not convinced how fun this festival is, make sure to scroll down and watch my vlog!

pinknic festival pinknic festival pinknic festival pinknic festival

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