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  • What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like Real Truth

    What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like Real Truth

    Gummies are something that is so popular these days. Every single day, we see gummies being produced for various purposes and then there are CBD gummies. When I find out about them, I had to try out for myself. Penguin CBD reached out to me and I was thrilled to try their CBD gummies. So […]

  • How to Properly Manscape – Best Way to Manscape

    How to Properly Manscape – Best Way to Manscape

    Manscaping is something that not a lot of guys talk about or mention anything about their grooming process, especially for the pubic area. I think most of the time when we don’t talk about something it’s because we are not sure what we are doing. In this case, we don’t really know how to manscape. […]

  • Yogi Kitten Skin Care Collection By I Dew Care

    Yogi Kitten Skin Care Collection By I Dew Care

    Trying the new Yogi Kitten Skin Care Collection by I Dew Care. This collection is all about calming and detoxing like yoga but for your skin. It’s a great combo to explore from packaging to smell I got you covered in this review. If you want to grab a piece, check out the link here.

  • Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies Benefits

    Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies Benefits

    “Apple Cider Vinegar” the word that certainly brings a lot of tingly senses to our mouth when we hear it due to its strong taste. Although Apple Cider Vinegar is very healthy and used to help with kidney function among most Americans as well as a detoxing and cleansing method it is not the most […]

  • To Anyone Feeling Stuck Right Now

    To Anyone Feeling Stuck Right Now

    Every once in a while we need to take time for ourselves and reflect on things. When we don’t do that we get into a rut. Suddenly everything stops in our head. We just want to cuddle up in bed and don’t deal with anything. Although this does happen, times like this we need to […]

  • How to Get Over Jet Lag

    How to Get Over Jet Lag

    I’m back in NYC and now trying to adjust myself to this city life, but this jet lag is killing me. I wanted to share with you guys some tips and things to take into consideration when traveling to make your life easier and not have to deal with jet lag. Video below will show […]

  • How to Stop Procrastinating

    How to Stop Procrastinating

    Procrastination is the one of the things that we tend to do a lot especially when it comes to our studies and this includes me. I’m the biggest procrastinator lol There are so many reasons why we would procrastinate things and I know we would rather spend more time on finding those reasons instead of […]

  • Men’s Clothing Haul

    Men’s Clothing Haul

    So here are some of the items I picked up from Bloomingdales and Lululemon. They are mostly casual men’s clothing from Fila, Adidas Originals, ATM, Lululemon men, but for sure you can pair them up with other stuff to wear on a daily basis. These are perfect items for spring since they are not super […]

  • Men’s Morning Routine

    Men’s Morning Routine

    Let me show you guys how I get ready honestly it is not much, but I thought this might help you guys out. It’s some basic stuff I use to look presentable. This is mostly a winter routine, but some of the things I mentioned you can certainly do it any time of the year.Links […]

  • Palm Beach Travel Guide

    Palm Beach Travel Guide

    Have you been to Palm beach? If you haven’t, this is the post for you. We spent 72 hours in Palm Beach and tried to see every cute corner of this place so hopefully there is something that you like. First place I want to mention is for sure staying. If you want to be […]